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Issues with MS 943460 Update

Got a call this morning from a client who complained his computer was crashing and that he thought he had a virus. At startup Explorer.exe was crashing with an access violation (0xC0000005) in Shell32.dll.

His computer was set to automatically download and install updates and yesterday it installed the 943460 update which installs a new Shell32.dll dated 10/25/07. The update fixes a problem in the way Windows handles URI’s.

There are more than a few reports of problems including not being able to open a file with its associated program by double-clicking the file.

Best I could tell on this computer is that something Explorer was loading at startup was not compatible with the changes Microsoft made to Shell32.dll (which seem to involve the ShellExecute API) and rather than failing silently (or even displaying a reasonable error message) it was crashing Explorer. This computer needed to go back in service ASAP so uninstalling 943460 and changing the update settings to notify instead of install solved the problem for the moment.

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