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Latest Project

So I thought I would do a post or two about the latest project I’ve been working on. It’s a management dashboard (a first for me) deployed via ClickOnce (another first) and uses a “non-traditional” user interface (another first.)

In 2005 I was in Boston for TechEd and saw a presentation on an application that Microsoft developed for the CommonwealthBank of Australia. This was the first real SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) application that I had seen and it really opened my eyes to the possibilities of Smart Client apps. So this management dashboard is my attempt to leverage some of the things I saw in this app (there’s an entire MSDN case study page dedicated to the bank’s app, aka ‘CommSee.’)

Along the way I thought I would also post about the Virtual Server rig I built to test (and learn about) the ClickOnce deployment. The client’s infrastructure runs on five servers, two of which run as a fault-tolerant mirrored pair and I’m using the Virtual Server rig to replicate that infrastructure in the lab.

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