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ClickOnce and Internet Explorer 8

While setting up a CruiseControl.NET build server I added a project that uses ClickOnce deployment. I didn’t want to install Visual Studio on the build server and I don’t want to install the test certificate into the ccservice account so I wrote a plugin for CC.NET that takes the files from the project’s working folder, copies them to a deployment folder, creates the manifests, then signs them (I’ll blog about the plugin later.)  But I ran into some weirdness while testing the deployment that I haven’t been able to resolve.

It works fine on XP Pro and IE 7. It works fine on XP Pro and IE 8. It works find on Vista 32 bit and IE 7. It doesn’t work so fine on Vista 64 bit and IE 8. IE 8 displays a dialog prompting me to download and install the .NET framework on a computer that already has the full version of Visual Studio2008 and the framework installed. If I cancel out of the dialog the whole process just stops. If I let the install continue, the framework installer comes up in maintenance mode (so it’s detecting that the framework is already installed.) If I log into the Vista 64 computer with a user that never logged in before then it works. So something in the main profile is corrupt. I can’t find it and Google is no help (too many entries about how to install IE 7 on a hacked Windows.)

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