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Upgraded Source Control Server

I just upgraded my source control server. I’ve been using SourceGear’s Vault for several years and while I don’t keep up with every version I don’t like to let too much time go by between upgrades. Their current version is 4.1.4 and was released in November 2008. I was still running 4.0.6 and since I’ve started using CruiseControl.NET I wanted to use SourceGear’s own Vault plugin.

I always hold my breath a little bit when upgrading Vault not because I’ve had any problems (I haven’t) but just because, hey, it’s my source code repository! It’s backed up regularly but if I ever had a problem it would be a major hassle to straighten it out. Luckily everything worked this time as well.

This will also be my first time using the enhanced client that uses the VSIP api instead of the MSSCCI api.

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