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Preview 1 of the 2011 CodeStock App

This afternoon I posted the first preview of the 2011 CodeStock Android app on the project page at (in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have included “2010” in the project name.) So far this year’s edition has a few features:

The home page displays a special background with a countdown timer until the opening of the conference.


It can also display a running stream of postings from Twitter than either mention CodeStock or originate from the official @CodeStock Twitter account. From Menu->Options, select Enable Twitter. You’ll be asked to authenticate to Twitter and grant Aremaitch Dev Test permission to access your Twitter account (this name will change when the app is finally released to the Market.) Once this is done you’ll be able to set how often your device will download tweets, how long each tweet is displayed, and how many days of tweets to keep.


There have been many internal code changes to help minimize memory and cpu usage; feel free to take a look. And, of course, if you see something that could have been done better, don’t hesitate to let me know.

I’m planning to deepen the Twitter integration by letting you send tweets tagged with #CodeStock. I’m also planning to add session notifications and integration with the device calendar. Let me know if you have any ideas for additional things to add.

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