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Comment Moderation Woes

To those few people who have posted comments I apologize for it taking so long for me to approve them. It seems that WordPress is only sporadically sending me moderation notifications (even though I turned off moderation because I installed reCaptcha.)

And speaking of reCaptcha it seems that the spam is getting through anyway (I don’t need any designer handbags, thank you.)

Back to the drawing board!

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Open Value Subscription

Eric Ligman has been teasing us for several days now over a big announcement to be made on New Year’s Day. Well, the big announcement is “Open Value Subscription” which he describes as “lease-like” but not an “…actual lease.”

At the end of the term clients can “continue the subscription, buy out the subscription to own the licenses, or to end the subscription.”

So if the client ends the subscription do they have to stop using the software? If not, why would they want to continue the subscription? Sounds like a lease to me. When you lease a car and the lease is up you have to either extend the lease, buy the car, or turn it in.

There will be four webcasts to explain this new program: January 10th @ 9:00AM, January 17th @ 9:00AM, January 23rd @ 8:00AM, and January 29th @ 11:00AM (all times Pacific). I’m very interested to hear what other people in the community think of this.

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New Theme

I’d like to change the theme here (this one makes me want to hurl) but I can’t find one that is compatible (or looks good) with the syntax highlighter plugin.

Anybody (all 1 or 2 of you) have a suggestion?

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VSLive San Francisco Agenda

They posted the full agenda for the VSLive San Francisco conference over here. Lots of good content but, of course, the price went up.


It’s amazing how someone can say “only $2100 (that’s a savings of $695 off the regular price) and you get a free copy of Visual Studio 2008″ with a straight face.

Most developers that would be interested in this type of conference probably have MSDN subscriptions so they already have VS 2008 (or at least already have access to it if they haven’t downloaded it yet.)

Last year’s conferences were about $1700 dollars. If the price went up $400 dollars ($1100 if you don’t register by Dec 31st) just how “free” is the free copy of VS 2008?

If I say “no thanks, I don’t need another copy of VS 2008″ can I take a few hundred off the price of the conference? Didn’t think so.

And let’s not even mention the few nights at the conference hotel (at $225 per night.) That’s why I’ve usually gone to the New York conference. I can commute there. Unfortunately I lose a lot of networking time that way.

I wonder how long it will be before the whining about declining attendance begins.

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